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 I’m Not Sleeping
(Joe Grushecky/Bruce Springsteen)

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18/01/2014 Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, NJVerenigde Staten
I’m Not Sleeping
(Joe Grushecky/Bruce Springsteen)

I never go out, I just stay at home
Change my address and disconnect the phone
Turn off the TV because it bothers me
I've seen all, seen all I want to see
And if my friends ask where I've been
Just say I don't know what's become of him

Well I'm not sleeping
I'm only resting my eyes
I'm not sleeping
I'm only taking my time

Well it's so hard, so hard to be responsible
Knowing everything, everything that's possible
When the bad wind when it comes blowing in
I'll pack my things and I'll move on again
Feed the rich, fool the poor
Stack the bodies outside my door

Cause I'm not sleeping
I'm only resting my eyes
Well I'm not sleeping
I'm only taking my time

The world outside is such a dangerous place
That I don't dare, I don't dare show my face
They got my number, they know where I live
I've got no more to say, I've got no more to give

But I'm not sleeping
Yea I'm not sleeping

Another night comes drawing near
I lock my doors and then I disappear

But I'm not sleeping
I'm only resting my eyes
Well I'm not sleeping
I'm only taking my time
I'm not sleeping

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